MyBlogLog is dying, to meet its demise on May 25th 2011! Rescue your friends now!

This is just a quick post to mark the inevitable demise of MyBlogLog. The blogging community site will be taken offline permanently from May 24th 2011 onwards. Why? What’s the reason given? Read on to find out.

MyBlogLog is dying, to meet its demise on May 25th 2011! Rescue your friends now!

That’s the mystery right now. No reasons were given but people have been talking about MyBlogLog’s bleak-looking future ever since December 2009. When MyBlogLog joined the Yahoo! Developer Network way back in January 2007, MyBlogLog members were expecting big things to happen but after a few years, MyBlogLog simply went downhill from there. All of a sudden, I saw a notice recommending MyBlogLog members to check out Yahoo! Pulse but it didn’t mention anything about data migration! I feel sorry for MyBlogLog members. All their hard work has gone down the drain. The least MyBlogLog and Yahoo could do is migrate some data from MyBlogLog to Yahoo! Pulse. That should make MyBlogLog members a bit happy to move to Yahoo! Pulse but its not going to happen that way from the way I look at it. Too bad!

There’s no point in talking about it right now. If you’re a member of MyBlogLog, just salvage whatever you can before it went offline next month. Tell your MyBlogLog friends to find you on some other social networks. Do it now.

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