Google, OpenDNS blocks YouTube; perhaps you should blame Celcom Broadband!

If you are using Celcom Broadband, here’s another bad news for you. Don’t be surprised if your network administrator (possibly has something to do with Celcom Broadband) has blocked you from accessing YouTube! Read on for more.

Google, OpenDNS blocks YouTube; perhaps you should blame Celcom Broadband!

I’m getting really sick and tired of this. First they blocked people from this part of the world from accessing Twitter and today I discovered that OpenDNS has blocked access to YouTube! Not to mention the fact that Google blocked the same unfortunate people from accessing Malaysia Today yesterday!

What the hell is going on here!?

OpenDNS blocks YouTube - Blame it on Celcom Broadband?

Please, don’t curse OpenDNS. In a sense, they’re innocent. The culprit in this particular case is the network administrator and he or she has nothing to do with OpenDNS. The network administrator works for a third party and the network that I was on when this whole thing happened was Celcom Broadband (D grade mobile broadband service provider). If you’re using Celcom Broadband right now, the chances are that you will face similar problems too.

By the way, here’s more bad news. If you have YouTube videos embedded on your site/blog, visitors visiting your site/blog via OpenDNS and Celcom Broadband will not be able to watch your embedded videos at all! All they see are white spaces!

Celcom Broadband… GrrrrrRRR…
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