Download Americanized Social Media Periodic Table

Would you like to download some sort of a Social Media marketing plan/keymap that can help you understand a little bit more about Social Media?

Download Americanized Social Media Periodic Table

Took a peek at it and I’m convinced that it is nothing more than an incomplete Social Media marketing keymap/plan but the creator (Rick Liebling) prefers his work to be known as the Periodic Table of Social Media Elements. ;)

There’s only one big problem with Rick’s Social Media periodic table. It has been Americanized and totally lacks international flavor. This is the big problem with most American social media experts; they are stuck in their own world totally oblivious to the fact that Social Media on the World Wide Web is bigger than America itself. Only American social media enthusiasts will appreciate Rick’s Social Media periodic table and we all know that Asians especially those in China, India and Japan have their own social media networks. ;)

Hell, just click on the following image to download it but you will definitely need to print out Rick’s post to understand a little bit more about his periodic table keys.

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Anonymous said...

Hello. Thanks for sharing this. Couple of comments:

First, this is by no means an authoritative look at the world of Social Media, just one person's (mine) perspective.

You're absolutely right that it is not fully representative of the global SocMed community. It was just meant to be a fun tool for people to use as a bit of a crib sheet.

I'd love to see you take a shot a more global version.

Thanks, Rick Liebling

Saidul A Shaari said...

Hello there, Rick...

Thanks for visiting. :)

As for the global version, Fione Tan (she's a well known Asian internet marketer) has an excellent example. Google her name and you should find useful links.

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