How to cheat/hack vending machines?

Do you know that you can cheat/hack a certain type of vending machine with a dollar that is torn in one corner, allowing you to get free chips and candies?

How do they cheat/hack into vending machines?

I find the following video a little hard to believe! The publisher claims that people can cheat/hack a certain type of vending machine (old one perhaps) simply by inserting a torn one dollar bill (torn in one corner)!

Is that really possible?

How to cheat/hack vending machines
midorisyu CC


Even if it is possible, I would like remind readers that it is wrong to do so. You may think that it is fun and cool to cheat/hack vending machines to get free chips and candies but please bear in mind that what you are doing is actually a crime. You are stealing things! So please do not attempt to try this little cheat/hack!

Updated April 14th 2011:

As expected, YouTube keeps on removing vending machine-hacking videos from their site. Good! At least YouTube is doing their job properly. :) In the meantime, I have to replace the video originally featured here with some other video. Watch it while you still can but remember, don't ever, ever try to hack into vending machines!

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Anonymous said...

that machine is broken. that wont work anywhere else.

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