How to monetize Twitter tweets with Google AdSense

Learn how to monetize Twitter tweets with Google AdSense and make a little bit of money in such difficult times. Video included.

How to monetize Twitter tweets with Google AdSense

How to monetize Twitter tweets with Google AdSense

To be honest, there is no way for you to directly monetize Twitter tweets with Google AdSense as of time of writing unless of course Twitter decides to integrate Google AdSense as one of their revenue models one day.

You can however monetize Twitter tweets with the help of 3rd-party Twitter apps/tools such as HootSuite (formerly known as BrightKit). HootSuite allows Twitterers cum AdSense Publishers to integrate Google AdSense into their Twitter tweets (only those with outgoing links). The bad news is that Twitterers cum AdSense Publishers have to share their tweets (those with outgoing links only) with HootSuite. Let’s say that 10 people clicked on your tweet, your AdSense ad (234 x 60 Half-Banner) will be shown 5 times and the other 5 clicks will have HootSuite’s.

Watch the following video for more details.


Even though almost 70% of my AdSense earnings were generated from AdSense revenue-sharing sites, my gut feeling tells me that I cannot earn much from HootSuite. If you have any experience with Adjix, I’m sure you will know why. ;)

Updated on November 13th 2009 4:00 AM:

Take note that Hootsuite has abandoned the whole thing as of August 2009. Here's what Jeff from Hootsuite has said about it:
"...Due to changes in our business model, we’ve had to discontinue AdSense integration..."
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Pamela R said...

Sounds interesting but I'm with you, I don't see how you will make much more than coffee money with it.

WTJ said...

is it legal?

Home Biss said...

Hi there WTJ,

A good question you have there, I wish I could answer it for you but it is best that you get the answer from the Google AdSense team to be on the safe side. :)

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