PayPerPost overran by Indian PayPerPost Posties

PayPerPost was once the pride of many American PayPerPost Posties but now PayPerPost has been overrun by Indian PayPerPost Posties.

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I was tipped by one of my Twitter friends who discovered something interesting from PayPerPost’s traffic stats on Alexa. My friend discovered that PayPerPost receives more Indian visitors (most probably Indian PayPerPost Posties) than Americans. This is a very strange trend since PayPerPost has been known to be more popular among Americans in the last few years!

What has happened to PayPerPost?

My friend said that PayPerPost has been overrun by greedy Indian PayPerPost Posties but I’m not so sure. I know Indian bloggers are fond of doing paid-blogging but I don’t think that could really explain why PayPerPost receives more Indian visitors these days. I think it has something to do with the infamous Google Slap. Perhaps those who did paid-blogging with PayPerPost in the past have lost their precious Google page ranks because of PayPerPost. The experience may have taught them a lesson, so they left PayPerPost for good and do something else.

But hey, I could be wrong! Perhaps PayPerPost should comment on this but I’m not going to waste my time asking them to do so. They will probably read this one day, wait and see. :)
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Adam Dilip Mutum said...

Don' forget the population factor as well. India has a population of nerly 1 Bn people. Even if only 1% access the net, that's still a lot of people.

Saidul A Shaari said...

Hi there Adam,

True but America is much bigger than India and let's not forget the fact that PayPerPost was created by Americans for American bloggers. :)

My Twitter friend could be right after all. Perhaps PayPerPost should consider changing their name to PayPerPost India now. :)

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