Make money designing ads, ToonieAds’s ad templates

You can make money by designing video ad templates for ToonieAds, a new advertising network created by Canada’s ToonieAds Inc.

Make money designing ads, ToonieAds’s ad templates

ToonieAds has a very interesting business or money-making opportunity for video-savvy people out there. If you are fond of making and publishing videos, you can make a little bit of money (perhaps lots of money if ToonieAds really takes off) by creating video ad templates for ToonieAds.


Now, ToonieAds has outlined a few basic guidelines; video ad templates must be 15 to 30 seconds long, silent videos, have few texts or written content (they’re templates, remember?) and they’re in one of the following formats; flv, mp3 & mp4, mpga, avi, divx+.

Can you do it?

Now, take a look at the following example to see how much money you can make by designing ad templates for ToonieAds:
…A simple birthday ad template is designed, submitted and accepted for the Ad Library, the Ad Designer would receive $ 15.00 in his account. Then the ad template gets purchased by advertisers on 10 different occasions in the 1st month (10 x $ 2.00) and 50 times in the following months (50 x $ 2.00), the Ad Designer would receive an additional $ 120.00, $ 2.00 every time the ad template gets purchased for an ad campaign. This would go on indefinitely as long as the ad template continues to get used by advertisers…

Good luck! ;)
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