Jobs for Laid-off workers/employees: Web 2.0 to the rescue

Workers or employees that have been laid off can find jobs that have been specially created and targeted for them at Purple People Collective.

Jobs for Laid-off workers/employees

The Purple People Collective is a place for laid off tech people to band together and find some work in a really crappy economy.

Source: Purple People Collective

Purple People Collective was founded by Ryan Kuder and Jonathan Tarud. Ryan Kuder was a former Yahoo employee that got laid off in February 2008. Ryan discovered numerous job opportunities mentioned on social networking sites but they were not easy to find and Ryan didn’t like that at all. He soon got the idea to create a new social networking site for laid-off workers/employees so that they can share gigs or job opportunities with others and the rest is history.

Even though Purple People Collective was founded by a former Yahoo employee, the site is open to everybody (not limited to former Yahoo employees) especially to those involved in the technology field. Those interested can join Purple People Collective and share gigs or job opportunities with others if they have any. If you don’t have any, you can still join Purple People Collective as a job seeker and find gigs or job opportunities there. A quick look at current Purple People Collective’s job postings revealed that there are many short term gigs/job opportunities available.

Let your tech friends know about Purple People Collective, they might need it one day. :)
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Ryan said...

Purple people collective...

Saidul A Shaari said...

Oh my God! What a horrible mistake!


Thanks for pointing it out. I have fixed all of them. This is a good lesson for me. Never ever blog while tweeting!

Thanks again for pointing out the errors. :)

tom said...

i've heard of them. most of them are from yahoo i think...

there's also this...

web2.0 as well

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