Only small fishes made lots of money from videos

I could not help but laugh when I read Erick Schonfeld’s latest post just now. It is probably one of his best posts at TechCrunch so far. Now, I really like the way he describes YouTube’s latest desperate attempt to make money from videos. Erick said ‘…selling off video search results to the sexiest bidders…’. Bwah! Ha! Ha! Right on the Dot, baby!
… YouTube is resorting to selling off video search results to the sexiest bidder and just today announced that it is extending overlay ads in YouTube Partner videos to embedded videos on other sites (previously these would only show up on YouTube itself). It is pulling out all the stops to try to get those revenues flowing…

Well, I’m really sad to hear that those big shots (YouTube, Veoh, Revsion3, Brightcove etc) find it hard to make money from online videos. It is supposed to be easy theoretically but nothing seems to work so far. Too bad! I do know that internet marketers such as Joel Comm and Michael Cheney made lots of money (millions!) from video marketing.

Until they (YouTube, Veoh, Revsion3, Brightcove etc) find the right video-monetization formula, I guess only small fishes have the ability to make lots of money from videos. :-)

If you have any thoughts of starting up a new video site, you might as well forget your bright ideas since it is not easy to make money from one. Even big media companies would not be interested in paying you big money to acquire one! Listen to what MSNBC President Charlie Tillinghast has said about the future of internet video startups. Enjoy!

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