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Ah yes… Link-selling is the most popular money-making opportunity for most webmasters and bloggers; unfortunately it is also abhorred and cursed by Google the Savior.

It is a common knowledge in the World Wide Web; we all know that link-sellers have been whacked from behind by Google so many times in the past. Those who sold links for money have lost their precious Google pageranks. To be fair, Google is not that nasty. Link-selling is actually quite acceptable to Google, as long as sold links have ‘nofollow’ tags on them. See, Google is not bad, they’re just being fussy. :-)

Now, what if there is a link brokerage service out there that right now that can let webmasters and bloggers sell links discretely and very much under Google’s radar? Would you be interested in joining?

Ha! Ha! I know you would!

Check out InLinks then. I have read reports from Labnol (Digital Inspiration), TechCrunch and Deep Jive Interests and they all said that InLinks has a cool way of hiding or stealthing their paid/sold links from being detected by search engines (I’m being nice here, only Google has problems with paid links)!

Text-Link-Ads alternative, buy links, sell links, InLinks

Personally, I don’t think InLinks can hide forever. Sooner or later, Google will find a way to detect paid/sold links placed by those who registered for InLinks. They’re pretty smart, that’s why Google is the number one Dot Com company in the World Wide Web!

Go ahead and try InLinks if you like. For the time being, only Wordpress, Drupal, Moveable Type and Ruby on Rails blogs can participate in InLinks but there’s more to come (sounds more like ‘more to die’) in the near future.

Good luck!
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John Lessnau said...


I just wanted to mention that inlinks is a clone of which we have been running and promoting selling links in content for almost two years. It is really odd that no one mentions this in their posts. I spoke about LinkXL and selling links at the last two pubcons so we are not exactly wall flowers.

I was shocked and honored at the same time that a large venture capital company ripped my idea.

Here is our 2+ year old profile at cruchbase


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