How much does a ChaCha Guide make per month?

Nobody knows really since it all depends on how many hours each guide puts in per day/week/month.

However, I do know that most Top Guides make anywhere between $50 and $100 per week. A ChaCha guide recently revealed that he or she only made about $300 to $400 per month. I guess it is safe to say that most ChaCha guides make similar amount of money per month.

Well, that’s nothing to shout about really.

So, anybody interested in signing up (Americans only) as a new ChaCha guide? :)

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Yahme said...

I'm going to go ahead and answer that one with a big fat NO. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I am a guide, and I make .02 cents a question, the pay has been lowered, but I can make about 50 bucks every two days. Thats a lot of long hours though, no doubt about it.The QA% is hard to hit, even for me and i've been with ChaCha for a little over a year. However it's good for those of you who want to make a little extra cash for gas, going out, or savings.... not a supplement income though!

Anightwing said...

Anyone says they are making 3-400 a week on ChaCha is simply not telling the truth, I know, been working for them for two years and the most you can make a day, and that is if the questions come in constantly and it takes all day to make 10 dollars. So the most you will make on ChaCha a week, and if it's a rare good week where the questions keep coming and you work all day long, and I mean all day and part of the night, then you can make maybe 50-60 dollars a week tops. I am so tired of these people lying saying they are making 100-300 a week. If they are then they are just clicking any bad answer they can as fast as they can, and I still don't see anybody being able to make that much even if they just click, click, click. So sorry, but quit liying to people and telling them your making hundreds of dollars a week, when it is simply not possible.

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