Yahoo gave Google a sucker punch!

Oh boy. Google’s search partner is up to something no good. There’s an announcement at Yahoo Search Blog made earlier today, announcing their world-domination plan and I guess Google would not be amused!

As of today, we’ll be ‘forced’ to watch display and radio ads as shown down below. Check out the radio ad, it is funny but I think it is a little bit outrageous!

Yahoo Search! ads

This whole thing is a part of Yahoo’s massive online and offline advertising campaign to let you folks know that Google is not the only search engine in town. I guess Yahoo is tired of being number two and now they seriously wanted to snatch the number one position from Google. That would not be easy and Erick Schonfeld from TechCrunch has this to say about Yahoo’s latest advertising campaign:
Search is not like a soft drink. People use the search engine that they think can do the best job in helping them find things. Now, maybe Google has brainwashed all of us to believe that it does indeed produce more relevant results. And in a blind taste-test, more people might choose Yahoo’s results. But if that is the case, I’d rather take an interactive quiz that puts each search engine to the test and make my own decision. That would go much farther to convince me to switch than Yahoo’s current creative.

Source: TechCrunch

The same goes for me. I’ll stick with Google for the time being. Google has provided so many wonderful things for free and I will support them for their generosity. Thank you Google!

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Anonymous said...

"Google has provided so many wonderful things for free and I will support them for their generosity. Thank you Google!

Dude, that is the stupidest reason I have ever read in terms of selecting a search engine. I guess it's true..all the retards did migrate over to Google from Yahoo.

Saidul A Shaari said...

Dear Anonymous...

Watch your f*cking mouth. I can give you Yahoo-sucker 50 good reasons why people prefer to use Google than Yahoo. TechCrunch probably can give you thousands if they want to. :-)

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