Say YES to Proposition 8!

I’m really disappointed with Michael Arrington from TechCrunch today. He publicly supported Silicon Valley’s anti-Proposition 8 petition! WTF!?
Discrimination in any form isn’t acceptable, and banning gay marriage is discrimination. Prop 8 will eliminate the right to marry for same-sex couples in California by amending the state’s Constitution. If you are a registered California voter, I’d like to ask you for a favor - vote against Prop 8.

Source: TechCrunch

I’m no American but I can say that only nuts and wackos will support Silicon Valley’s anti-Proposition 8 petition. Come on Americans/Californians! Snap out of it! Can you imagine what the world would be like when you have two long d*cks (you can imagine the other scenario for the ladies) making it out in bed as husband and wife!?

It is sick! Sick and disgusting! Marriage is a privilege given to a man and a woman. Anything other than that is pure sickness and you folks have to stop such madness from spreading!

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Anonymous said...

You sir, are an idiot.

Unknown said...

Auww.. Thank you..

Well, at least I have a real woman as my wife! :-)

Unknown said...

i love how your shizzle is surrounded with 'Meet Gay Singles' ads. lol.

Anonymous said... this the only way you can get visitors to your site?

Unknown said...


Really? Well, there's nothing I can do to stop those gay ads anyway since they were too many of them. Look, gays can do whatever they want but we could not allow them to marry for the sake of humanity.

Happy Queer,

Well, gays do have big problems with macho blogs like mine. :-)

Anonymous said...

I agree. I'm tired of people trying to say that gay marriage is right. Everyone came from a man and a woman. Why take that right away from unborn children? God knows a man and a man can't make a baby.

Unknown said...


If you are an American, please do whatever you can to stop such nonsense from spreading in your country. Please, I beg you.

Anonymous said...

Oh, okay, Saidul A Shaari, we will try and put a stop to this for you, because we all know that Arabs are on the forefront of equal rights for people. Californians try and bring equality to everyone. So, why don't you worry about the dealings of your own country if you are not American, and then hopefully many of the gays and women born in your country can escape to us and have a shot at a normal life.

Unknown said...

Hi there Anonymous (WTF is your name anyway?)...

First and foremost, I'm not an Arab. I'm a Malay (Wiki it).

This gay-meets-gay-and-elope-somewhere thing is no longer just an American concern. We are talking about the deterioration of humanity here and I have every right to voice my concerns even though I'm not an American.

That's the problem with some Americans anyway, you folks think that the world is only about you people. Get real!

Listen to the voice of majority, for God's sake. Same-sex couples going for marriage is totally wrong. What ever happen to religion over there in California? Whatever happen to your Bible for crying out loud?

Anonymous said...


Everyone needs to chill.
I believe in equal rights for everyone; and hell, even tho. I'm not Gay I do think being gay is the best type of Birth Control. So any of you gay people out there.. Go You!

Just remember to take in some orphans when you are ready for kids.
We have too many in the US and it would be good that if you won the whole Gay Marriage thing (which i hope you do) that you will do the something for the world in return.

Anonymous said...

Btw.. about religion.

I think everyone of you need to watch Zeitgeist!

Have fun and good luck everyone.
You guys have to find a median somewhere.
This anti/for crap is rediculous.

Anonymous said...

LETS FORGET FOR QUICK SECOND ABOUT BEING "GAY" and consider the number of children wanting to be adopted by anyone is willing to give them love? Children who desire loving many homes would open to these children.all those who voted yes on 8 to go out and ADOPT A CHILD AS MOST OF THE "GAY" COUPLE WOULD HAVE IF GIVEN THE RIGHT TOO. EVERY SINGLE PEOPLE BEING BROWN, BLACK, YELLOW, RELIGIOUS BELIEFS CAUSEING YOUR RIGHTS TO BE TAKEN AWAY THROUGH OUT HISTORY.... DID THESE PEOPLE FORGET WHAT IT MUST BE TO LIVING LIFE HAVING NON EQUAL RIGHTS??

Anonymous said...

"Listen to the voice of majority, for God's sake. Same-sex couples going for marriage is totally wrong." said by SAIDUI A SHAARI

Unknown said...


Take another close look at your Bible, specifically Genesis 2:21-24; Matthew 19:4-6. I know gays no longer believe in God, Hell and Heaven but why don't you people read this:

'Homosexual marriage is a perversion of the institution of marriage and an offense to the God who created marriage. God forbids and condemns homosexuality, so He clearly is opposed to homosexual marriage.'

Source: GotQuestions Dot Org

Anonymous said...

what does god have to do with equal rights? religion isn't gov. if you want religion and gov. to run your life than go live at cuba. their they will decide for you not in the USA

Anonymous said...

DO NOT TELL ME THAT CUZ I'M GAY I DO NOT BELIEVE IN GOD! you do not know me! at the age of 10 i knew i was different I would pray since then day after day that i could wake up being what u consider "normal" i am now 30 & still pray to be "normal" thanks to people like u. I go to curch every 3 times a week i pray waking up before bed

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