Google will serve gambling ads? Again?

I’m afraid so, folks! Google UK will start serving gambling ads once again to gambling addicts in England, Scotland and Wales starting tomorrow!

I’m really sad to hear this since Google has done a good job in their global banning of gambling advertisements so far. It is unbecoming for Google to turn their backs on their noble global anti-gambling pledge they made a few years ago. :-(

Yesterday, I read reports that some lawyers have been contacting advertisers at Google, telling them to go and support the Google-Yahoo merger plan and now we have this!? What is wrong with Google? Are they desperate for more money or something?

Anyhow, Mark Sweeney from Guardian UK who reported this surprising story earlier today said that Google UK will only accept certain gambling advertisers:
… Google will accept gambling advertising from UK companies registered with the Gambling Commission and non UK-based advertisers in the 30 countries that make up the European Economic Area.

Gambling companies in the EEA can target ads at Google users in Great Britain provided they hold a licence in the country where they are based…

Source: Guardian UK

Shucks… There goes my respect for you, Google.

Edited on October 20th 2008 2:30 AM:

I have more ‘proof’ that Google is getting really desperate to get more money from their lucrative Google AdSense product these days. TechCrunch reported that Google has been experimenting with a few more money-making tactics for Google AdSense:
  1. Asking visitors to specify ads that they would like to view via AdSense search box
  2. Providing AdSense ads that link to syndication pages that are filled up with more AdSense ads
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