eBay Alternative: Wigix, they’re better than eBay!

So, it looks like we have more and more unhappy eBay sellers (including eBay PowerSellers) these days. Why I am not surprised!? :-)

I thought many have left eBay for some other better online auction sites but I guess some stubborn eBay sellers failed to accept the fact that eBay is no longer a good place to conduct business. Come on folks! Don’t be stupid, just leave eBay and go for something else!

Look at me! I left eBay early last year after stumbling upon PowerSellersUnite Dot Com, a site dedicated to help eBay sellers and buyers find some other alternative online auction sites. They did so after realizing that eBay no longer cares for them.

Please get this into your thick skull. eBay is not like what it used to be!

Look, why don’t you folks take a look at Wigix. I think Wigix is better than eBay but you may not believe me. What if I tell you today that Wigix has lower fees than eBay? That should get you all excited! :-)

Wigix, eBay, Fees Comparison

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Action Healthy Life said...

Ebay is alienating sellers and sellers are buyers. My ebay sales have fallen by 75%. I am also so tired of ebay making new rules daily and taking control over my business. I decided to check out powersellersunite to see what my options are and decided to go to Bonanzle.

Free listings, simple navigation, live chat and most important, I can accept CASH OR MONEY ORDERS if I want!!!

Anonymous said...

Ebay Stockholders and Sellers Calling For Immediate Termination of John Donohoe CEO



Anonymous said...

Search "Ebay Stockholders and Sellers Calling For Immediate Termination of John Donohoe CEO"


ZiggyZool said...

Although my husband and I were successful Trading Assistant's at the Silver Power Seller level at eBay, with all the changes that were happening and rumored; we closed up shop and pulled out at the end of December '07.

Being an eBay user for years, the many changes that have occurred there over the last several years had many of us searching for a fresh way to market our goods and buy the items we were searching for, and we have tried many marketplaces since then as we searched for one that had the good-hearted feeling and functionality of ‘old eBay.’

Now, we have finally found the grassroots marketplace we had been looking for: it’s called Bonanzle. Bonanzle is like a street fair where you can talk and dicker with the sellers in real time from within the Web site. It's not an auction but significantly better in my humble opinion, to be able to bargain in real time with the seller of the item you're interested in. Not only do you usually get a much better deal, you also have the opportunity to ask and learn about the item they have for sale and make a new friend at the same time.

Bonanzle is growing by leaps and bounds since its' premier out of beta on September 1, 2008. We are so thrilled with the personalized support from founder Bill Harding, and his right-hand man Mark Dorsey, the friends we've made (both sellers and buyers)within it's community and, most importantly the actual sales we've made that we are now calling Bonanzle our permanent home and recommending everyone we encounter in online sales do the same. Bonanzle has a great mix of seasoned e-commerce sellers, new sellers, self represented artists, eBay refugees (buyers & sellers alike) that I feel comfortable in saying with wholehearted enthusiasm.. There IS something there for everyone... I urge anyone reading this post to check it out for yourself at http://www.bonanzle.com you'll notice the difference the minute the homepage comes up.


Robin (aka ZiggyZool on Bonanzle)
Scott (aka masonictreasures on Bonanzle)

P.S. We'd welcome your visit and hearing your comments at http://www.bonanzle.com/booths/ZiggyZool
or http://www.bonanzle.com/booths/masonictreasures

ZiggyZool said...

p.s. to my previous comment... I forgot to mention that at Bonanzle, sellers are allowed to make their own decision as to what type of payment is acceptable to them, they have the choice of accepting not only Google checkout, or PayPal but also Money Orders, Checks and cash for local pickups! Now that is worth checking into for many buyers and sellers alike who prefer Money Orders over electronic payments.

Paul Chi-town said...

If you are frustrated with eBay's seller policies, there's a petition to pressure & boycott eBay's changes with its seller policies at http://www.thepoint.com/campaigns/boycott-ebay-for-fair-seller-policies if you'd be interested in joining too. My mother is a much smaller seller compared to you, but her frustrations encouraged me to sign up and at least try to make some sort of difference with eBay. The petition is challenging the following -- all sellers having a lowered listing fee; a higher final value fee; and no recourse when it comes to fraudulent, non paying bidders as sellers won’t be allowed to leave any negative or neutral feedback for any buyer. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

This is a nice little "blurb" from an email that I received from (Fe) e-bay today " If you don't wish to accept the new User Agreement, please refer to this Help page for instructions on how to close your account."
Translation = "We will bend you over and use sand and you WILL like it"
Ebay not only "double dips", they quadruple dip as the owners of Paypal, charging fee's on top of fee's!!
I am on my quest today to find a new site to use. I could list my many frustrations, but you have all heard it before, but I would like to list one.
I have perfect feedback on sales and purchases, but I also have less than 100 feedback total. As a seller, Ebay decided to "hold" my funds over $100 until I can prove delivery of the item and I get positive feedback for the item. Here are the issues with this, in the sale, Shipping $$ is included in the payment, but I have no access to the funds because they are on hold, so I have to pray to god that I either a.) Have the available funds to afford to ship stuff or borrow them if need be. and b.) hope that my buyer is the type to actually leave feedback, as I have found that some people do not. Even after I have met all of these requirements, Paypal/E-bay do not release the funds immediately, no, they wait an additional few days.
Some people sell stuff because they need money, but in this case, Paypal/E-bay decide when you get your money. 2nd, I bought $70 worth of items from a power seller and never received my items. I checked the sellers feedback and all of the *neg* feedback was for the exact same reason, no items was ever received. It took me a month to get my $70 back, and this seller is still operation with no disciplinary action from E-bay taken against them? I reported this to Ebay and they basically told me flat out "too bad so sad". I am so done with E-bay

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