Scobleizer hates DEMOfall 08?

I really don’t know how else to put it. I really do believe that Robert Scoble from Scobleizer has big problems with DEMOfall 08. In his recent blog post, he practically thrashed all 72 startup companies that will get big introductions at DEMOfall 08 in San Diego this coming Monday!

Check this out:
Almost no company on this list is using video. Amazing that in this age of YouTube that statups aren’t understanding how to use video, or are even trying to use it.

Source: Scobleizer

So what? What is so strange about not having videos?

Please bear in mind that startup companies have limited budgets. Many even go to the extent of not fully using them.

Do you really think startup companies would dare to spend mass amount of money on video marketing when they are not sure about the success of their startup products and services?

Give it a thought, folks.

Besides, DEMOfall technology conference is much more powerful than video marketing.
… the six minutes of DEMO time leads to well over 200 million media impressions due to coverage of the show. Over 500 news articles and blog posts are published within days of the show. That’s unprecedented media exposure…

Source: DEMO

That’s right. Even viral videos could not give startup companies that kind of media exposure. I hope Robert Scoble will take note of this. :-)

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