Photrade: Make money from photography & old photos

Would you like to make money from photography?

I have good news for you folks. In my last post, I blogged about ffwd, a startup company that is currently competing in DEMOfall 08 technology conference. In this post, I’m going to feature another startup company (they have been around for quite some time, was founded in late 2006) that is also competing in the same tech conference but this time the company has something that allows you to make money from photography. If you are not into photography but have loads of old photos in your possession, you can also make money from them!

Sounds great and making money is something that everybody loves to do anyway. If you want to make good money from photography or your old photos, get to know Photrade:
Photrade is where photographers reclaim ownership of their photos. Photraders decide how, when, where and at what cost their photos are used online. We provide unprecedented protection for photos and offer a free photo marketplace where photographers can sell stock, prints and merchandise or use our Adcosystem (TM) where photographers get paid for every view of their photo, anywhere on the internet. Through Photrade, publications and blogs can access a fast-growing library of legally licensed, ad-supported photos. Reclaim your photos, start photrading.

Source: Photrade

Now, you can make money from Photrade by:
  • Selling photo prints 
  • Selling bunch of photos as stock photography
The following video should provide you with an overview of Photrade. You can later see that Photrade has some cool features and functionalities that you can never find on some other sites. Enjoy!

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