KallOut: World’s first selection-based search system

Would you like use a cool selection-based search system that allows you to search for information from the World Wide Web with only a few clicks of the mouse?

Thanks to KallOut, web searching is now so much faster and easier.
…KallOut’s mission is to deliver the most compelling search experiences for our customers around the world…

…To accomplish this, KallOut invented the world’s first “selection-based search” system. By seamlessly integrating with the most popular applications, KallOut is able to deliver results in the context of any e-mail, document, presentation, spreadsheet or web page. In addition, KallOut offers BestGuess™ menu suggestions that are based on both detailed analysis of the text selected and the “wisdom of crowds” as expressed by other users' choices…

Source: KallOut

KallOut in action

I guess this is going to be pretty hard for you to imagine. Please watch the following videos to see KallOut in action. You should get the picture after watching them.

I hate to break this but I have been testing KallOut in secret for quite some time already. So far, I think I’m quite happy with it. Suffice to say that KallOut is one of my potent blogging tools! :-)

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Lee_Lorenzen said...


We really appreciate you blogging about KallOut. I means a lot to a start-up like we are to have the support of bloggers like yourself.

We are working on even more features that will help out the blogging community. So, if you or your readers have any ideas for what we should add to the product, please e-mail them to me at LeeL@KallOut.com.

Lee Lorenzen
CEO, KallOut -- a new way to search using only your mouse

Saidul A Shaari said...

Dear Lee,

No problem!

You guys have something great there and it was a pleasure for me to blogged about it.

Looking forward to see your new features in the near future. :-)

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