WidgetLaboratory going Open Source

How would you like to use some cool widgets that can do so many wonderful things for your sites or blogs?

Such cool widgets are brought to you by WidgetLaboratory, a well known producer of smart tools and applications for Ning, a social networking site that lets you create your very own social networking sites.

The bad news is that Ning has done something very bad to WidgetLaboratory recently. Without any warnings, Ning has taken down and removed all WidgetLaboratory widgets!

That was the bad news and now for the good news. WidgetLaboratory apparently fought back and gave Ning a big slap earlier today. WidgetLaboratory has made some groundbreaking decisions that should entice webmasters and bloggers all around the world:
  • All of WidgetLaboratory Source Code will be made publicly available and free to anyone to use under a Creative Commons License.
  • WidgetLaboratory will be providing FREE MIGRATION TOOLS to anyone who wishes to use them.

Source: WidgetLaboratory Dot Com

I guess the message that WidgetLaboratory wants the world to know is that you no longer need Ning in order to use WidgetLaboratory’s cool widgets from today onwards. Now, take a look at some of the wonderful widgets that WidgetLaboratory has created in the past.

If you are interested in using WidgetLaboratory’s widgets, feel free to contact them today.
Chicago, USA
2121 N. Campbell Ave.
Suite 100
Chicago, IL, 60647
Phone: 312-656-0552
Email: evilgenius@widgetlaboratory.com

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