Open Tech is up for sale!

Open Tech, iOpenTech

Anybody wants to buy a ready-made company including their trade secrets (specializing in assembling and selling customizable computers) for $50,000?

The Company Open Tech is up for sale. We are selling the Open Tech name, the website, the trade secrets, and press contacts all in one package. If you decide to purchase Open Tech all this info will be emailed to you or faxed- your choice.

If you are interested in purchasing Open Tech Please contact us at

To Purchase the Open Tech Company Now for $50,000…

Source: iOpenTech Dot TK

I didn’t know much about Open Tech. Based from what I have read over at TechCrunch, Open Tech is brand new. It was actually launched three weeks ago!

Three weeks in operation and now they want to sell the company? That is really strange and there’s something very fishy about it.

If you are interested in purchasing Open Tech, please proceed with caution.

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