Internet Marketing Sins: Great reading for Internet Marketers

My buddy, Odinn Sorensen, told me about a thought provoking book (more like a collection of open letters) written by a husband-and-wife team of internet marketers a few hours ago. I have given it a quick reading and since it is good, I want you folks to go and read it today.

What is the title of the book & who is behind it?

Internet Marketing Sins, written by a husband-and-wife team of internet marketers, Michel & Sylvie Fortin.

What Internet Marketing Sins is all about?

It is all about those dirty underhand Internet Marketing tricks and tactics that are spoiling the industry. If this is left unchecked, the Internet Marketing industry will lose its lure and people will no longer trust the industry ever again!

My thoughts on Internet Marketing Sins

One hell of a book! Even though Michel & Sylvie Fortin gave me the impression that the target readers for their book are fellow internet marketers, I want you Internet Marketing suckers out there to go and read it too.

You see, we have a number of bad and nasty internet marketing practices in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, India and China. Unfortunately, a lot of innocent people are not aware of their badness and nastiness. I wish I could put in writing but the subject is too sickening for me.

Lucky for you folks, Michel & Sylvie Fortin have come up with a great book to let you understand some of the dirty underhand Internet Marketing tactics and tricks we have out there. This book is a must-read for Internet Marketing suckers, if you are one of them, go and read it today. :-)

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