Collabio: The Attack of the Greedy Internet Marketers

There is a brand new Facebook application out there apparently released by Microsoft quite recently. The new Facebook app is Collabio and I noticed that some greedy internet marketers are already talking about using Collabio to generate traffic, buzz and cheap promotion of their online businesses.

You see, Collabio is all about tagging somebody on Facebook with relevant tags.
We have developed Collabio, a Facebook application that encourages users to guess tags that other friends have used to describe an individual. Points are awarded according to the number of other friends who have agreed with each tag -- get the most points by agreeing with others. Collabio also relies on social motivations such as reciprocity; users are notified when friends tag them and are encouraged to tag in response.

Source: Microsoft’s Computational User Experiences project team

Believe me, Collabio is a very powerful Facebook application and I am not surprised to see that some internet marketers already have some big ideas about it. I’m sure that they will ask their friends to tag them with some predetermined tags very soon. That will make sure that their Facebook profiles are all tagged with some nice juicy money-making tags.


There are times when I feel that internet marketers are nothing but a bunch of greedy pigs and this is one of those instances.

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