Get traffic from Google News & MSNBC News

I want to share with you folks a little secret today. A little secret that some of my home based business friends have kept under the radar because it has helped them gained instantaneous traffic, backlinks and exposure in the World Wide Web.

What can their secret do for me?

Bring lots of traffic coming from high traffic news websites such as Google News, MSNBC News, Ask and Topix to your sites and blogs!

Just imagine what that kind of traffic can do for you!

How much do I have to pay do get traffic from Google News & MSNBC News?

I know where and how you can get traffic from high traffic news websites for free but let me keep that as my secret for the time being. I have been using my little secret to drive targeted traffic to my online stores. I have no intentions of using it to drive traffic to my silly blogs for the time being. Perhaps I will do that once I’m convinced that blogging is a good way to make lots of money online. :-)

I will however disclose to you folks my friends’ secret and rest assured that they have given me permissions to share it with you folks. You see, there is a great press release distribution service provider out there that has some affordable press release services that you can use to get traffic from high traffic news websites.

Ever heard of WebWire? Yes, you can use WebWire to drive traffic to your sites or blogs. I have never used it before since I have something better but my home based business friends are quite happy with WebWire and they are still using it to ‘promote’ their businesses online.

I love to talk more about this but my 3 year old son is pushing me to bring him to the mall fast. Catch you later, folks!

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Liang Wee said...

I make $30++ from myLot so far. I am reaching payout again this month and it will be $11++ this month. :)

I would add your blog to my blog. Please add my blog too. :)

eBlog Entrepreneur:

Liang Wee said...

Which blog do you want me to link?

Liang Wee said...

I hope you can link my blog on Home Biss. :)

I will change the link name on my blog now. :)

Liang Wee said...

I am not sure what is Reciprocal link and 3 way link. Could you explain to me?

I would like to learn. :)

How is 3 way link benefit us?

Liang Wee said...

Thanks for the link. I know about link building but I am not sure about reciprocal link and 3 way link.

Thanks for helping me. :)

Liang Wee said...

Thanks. :)

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