Cuil, the world’s biggest search engine!?

Yes, a bit shocking isn’t it? But that’s what Cuil, the latest search engine to hit the World Wide Web claims to be!

Is Cuil really the world’s biggest search engine?

No, I don’t think so. Even though Cuil has crawled 186 billion pages and have included 120 billion in their index, their numbers are nowhere near Yahoo or Google. Google for an example has more than 1 trillion unique URLs in their Google index!

Who is behind Cuil?

An Irish tech wizard by the name of Tom Costello. He is also the founder and CEO of Cuil.

Cuil is a strange name for a search engine. What does it mean?

It should sound strange since it is a Gaelic word. Cuil means knowledge and hazel in plain English.

Has Cuil crawled my sites?

How the heck should I know! :-)

If you want your sites to be included in Cuil’s index, feel free to submit your sites to Cuil right now.

By the way, take note that Twiceler is Cuil’s webbot or web crawler. You might stumble upon people talking about Cuil or Twiceler more often in the near future. So please keep that new tech term in mind.

My thoughts on Cuil

Looks good and pretty cool but some of Cuil’s features might give problems to those who are so used to Yahoo and Google. It takes a while to get the hang of it.

I do like Cuil’s Drilldown and Tabs though. Makes digging easier.

Cuil, Biggest Search Engine, Tabs
Cuil, Biggest Search Engine, Drilldown
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