3 tips that will double your Google AdSense earnings overnight

This post is dedicated to those Malaysian click fraudsters who resort to click fraud to make more money from their Google AdSense ads. This post will let them see that there are many other ethical ways to earn more money from Google AdSense and you don’t have to cheat and face the risk of getting banned to do that.

1. Put more Google AdSense ads

Google AdSense program has been around for years but many failed to improve their conversions by simply placing more AdSense ads on their web pages. This is probably due to the fact that many so called AdSense Gurus out there that kept on telling people that they should stick to placing AdSense ads that have high conversion rates. Yeah right! :-(

I found out on my own that placing more AdSense ads on my blogs helped improve my AdSense earnings significantly, by more than double I should say!

Check with the current Google AdSense TOS and policies and find out how many ads and type of ads you can place on a single page before implementing this tip.

2. Remove all other outgoing links from your web pages

This is probably the weirdest AdSense tip that you will ever hear but it is working like a charm for me in the past. Unfortunately I could not stick with this tip since I’m an affiliate marketer that relies upon my outgoing affiliate links to make money. ;-)

This tip will make sure that your visitors see no other outgoing links on your web pages except for your AdSense ads. This will ultimately increase your CTRs (click-through rates) and of course your Google AdSense earnings. :-)

It is a simple and an effective tip but yet nobody is using it.

3. Provide good content with no answers or solutions

Now, this is a little hard to do but you will soon get the hang of it if you keep on practicing this neat little trick in the future.

Google AdSense ads are no ordinary ads; they are contextual ads that offer great relevancy to the content you have on every single web page. Please remember that always. There are times when you find that there is no relevancy at all but you can quickly fix that one up simply by putting in more keywords. You should know what I’m talking about.

All you have to do is to write good content for your visitors but don’t give them any clear answers or solutions to the topics that you are presenting in your content. By doing this, you will transform your casual visitors into curious visitors and they will likely to explore those relevant Google AdSense ads that you have on your web pages. You should know what that will do to your CTRs and Google AdSense earnings! :-)

Good luck!

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New Haven said...


I stumbled here while searching for certain information. This article gave me a great insight especially point 2.

I was trying hard to write some good post and always include lots of links to support my stuff...& include lots of other links..

so your point 2 gave me "wake up call", not knowing the basic knowledge of an outgoing link can affect us in such a way.

great points given. will be visiting here often to read more of your tips/points/hints.


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