Malaysians exchanging AdSense clicks to make more money?

I have been very patient with this subject but nowadays I think it has gone too far!

Let’s start from the beginning, shall we. Every now and then, I will receive emails and messages on my Yahoo! Messenger from fellow Malaysians inviting me to exchange Google AdSense clicks with them. You should know how this sort of click fraud operates; it normally involves two or more people. Let’s say we have two people involved in this click fraud, A will ask B to click on his AdSense ads and A will return the favor by clicking B’s AdSense ads. Both make money at the same time and this is why some desperate Malaysians are fond of doing it.

In the last few weeks, this sort of click fraud has gathered in strength, I can see that from the large number of emails and messages that I have been getting from Malaysians inviting me to join their ring of AdSense click fraudsters.

What? Have I ever entertain them and exchange AdSense clicks with them?

NO! NEVER! I did not entertain their invitations in the past and I certainly will not entertain them in the near future. Google has been a very good employer to me and I will not jeopardize my good relationship with them by doing something stupid.

To all Malaysian AdSense click fraudsters out there, let me remind you that exchanging AdSense clicks are against Google AdSense program policies!

“Please note that clicks on Google ads must result from genuine user interest, and any method that artificially generates clicks or impressions is strictly prohibited by our program policies.”

Now, I’m exposing this click fraud out in the open today because I’m worried that one day Google would punish all Malaysians because of those desperate Malaysian click fraudsters. This sort of punishment has happened to Malaysians before, remember Clickbank?

Please stop exchanging AdSense clicks this very instant!

While I’m on the subject, I wonder if some Malaysians did the same thing for their Advertlets and Nuffnang ads. Probably so!

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