Online Degrees for home based business entrepreneurs

Heads up fellow home based business entrepreneurs and online money makers working from home; let’s not talk about money making opportunities in this post. Let’s talk about something that has far more value than money itself.

Do you know what it is?

Education, silly! Yes, education is very important for home based business entrepreneurs and online money makers. Let’s not kid ourselves here today, I know that most of you home based business entrepreneurs and online money makers out there are opportunists that have no education background whatsoever in business. This type of opportunist is merely followers and copy cats, clearly lacking ideas to be successful on their own. They will probably be the first to fall flat on their faces simply because they are not equipped with the proper knowledge to go forward.

Look, if you are really serious in being a full time home based business entrepreneur and online money maker, go for an online degree in your spare time. We have lots of online open learning centers nowadays and you really have no excuse whatsoever to ignore the need to go for some business education.

Let’s take a look at distance learning with Kaplan (site reachable at KaplanOpenLearning Dot Org) for an example. Kaplan Open Learning actually works together with the University of Essex to offer online Foundation Degrees to all interested working adults living in the United Kingdom. Entries to their courses are not dependent on past academic results, as they also take into consideration your previous work experience. Like any other open learning programs, you need to have access to the internet and that is something home based entrepreneurs and online money makers can never live without. :-)

If you are a UK home based business entrepreneurs or online money maker, I strongly recommend you to consider taking up either one of the following two degree programs offered by Kaplan Open Learning:
  • Entrepreneurship Foundation Degree
  • Internet Marketing Foundation Degree

Check it out, folks!

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