How long does it take to create a successful internet business?

It's probably the most asked question on the internet - "How long does it take to create a successful internet business?"

I get asked this quite often, and, I'll be honest with you, - it's impossible to answer.

It depends on your focus, your commitment, and your targeted marketplace.

It depends on how often you work on your business, and how focused you are when you are working.

Many people say they are working, but what they really mean is that they are checking emails, browsing websites, spending time in forums, etc

Now, don't get me wrong - all these things need doing, but you have to have a degree of balance in the amount of time you allocate to them.

If you only have 3 hours per day to work on your online business, and you spend 2 hours browsing forums and websites, and 30 minutes on emails, then you only have 30 minutes left to do productive work that will move your business forward.

You must make sure that you pay attention to the type of work you're doing and whether or not you're being productive. Surfing the internet, constantly checking your email, talking to friends on internet messaging, etc is not considered productive, unless you're doing research for your current product, or contacting potential JV partners.

No-one can guarantee you'll be successful. BUT, provided you put in effort towards doing productive work, you should be successful.

Remember, the first step is getting started.

If you don't start taking action, you will never achieve success.

A little bit of "targeted" action every day will soon move your online business forward, and you will start to notice an improvement in a short space of time.

Set yourself a daily target, and make a written note daily on whether or not you reached your target. Having a written record will hold you accountable, and help keep you focused on the things you need to do.

Having your first online success, even if it's a small one, will help to motivate you and strengthen your commitment to becoming a successful online business.

Half-hearted work isn't work.

Don't do half-hearted work on your projects, then put them aside, and ignore them, because when you dig them out months later, you'll find you're still in the same place you were before. That won't help you at all. In fact, it will just end up frustrating you.

How long it takes you to become successful is really in your hands.

You must take action to start moving forward. Keep telling yourself that failure is not an option.

TAKE ACTION TODAY! Make sure that it is targeted, productive action, and you'll soon have that successful online business that can set you free.

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Rodger Bailey said...

Good question and nice response about balance and focus. I tend to hyper focus, so that can interfere with my life.

Some of us are talking about these and other issues about finding a kinder, gentler Internet Marketing process using conversational marketing approaches. Free ebooks and report about this idea and a link into the conversation at

Rodger Bailey

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