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This article today may not be of any interest to those in the US and UK for they have seen such business in their parts of the world. However, we do feel that such business opportunity has enormous growth potential in countries where such facility is lacking. When we talk about self running kiosks, most people in the other parts of the world would associate them with vending machines for soft drinks, cigarettes and fat food snacks.

However, a company in Spain has innovatively packaged a very interesting franchise to cater for the mass media industry. They are specializing on the provision of self running kiosks or vending machines for the sale and display of daily newspapers and magazines. Their innovation is patented in 1998 and gives them exclusive rights to their product.

The whole idea is of course to have as many kiosks or vending machines placed strategically in highly frequented areas. It goes without saying that it doesn’t really sound that easy. Such ideas would of course require permissions from the local authorities. Nobody in this world could simply place money making machines in public areas. So, you would have to do your homework and work out a plan if you are really serious on having such franchise as your business venture. According to KiosCo24, the profits varies but it should be somewhere in the range of 20% in average. That’s not bad considering that you are dealing with one of the world’s top fast selling daily items! Let’s face it; everybody bought one or two newspapers and some magazines nowadays. If your location plan is up to the mark, you can make a decent living from this type of business.

As of time of writing, KiosCo24 requires interested franchisee to invest a minimum investment of ₤10,000. Franchising processing fees are around ₤500. Interested parties may contact their Franchise Director, Ana María Villaverde at (+34) 986 702 981

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