Outsourcing your warehousing, distribution & order fulfillment needs?

Home based business entrepreneurs, online money makers and small business owners; are you thinking of outsourcing your warehousing, distribution or order fulfillment needs?

If you are a just a small home based business entrepreneur like I do, perhaps the answer is no. But hey, I know that we have a lot of successful home based business entrepreneurs and online money makers out there that have businesses that have grown so much that they just have to outsource their business needs to third parties.

Instead of outsourcing your business needs to more than one party, why don’t you just leave it to a single party that can do everything for you? Take a look at this company that I had discovered earlier today for an example, GDF Fulfillment Solutions. The company offers everything, warehousing, distribution and even order fulfillment services. I have a lady friend in Singapore and she is running a very successful online store selling used army clothing. I told her all about GDF Fulfillment Solutions just now and hope that she likes the idea of having her very own automated warehouse to store her stuffs. She can even consider hiring GDF Fulfillment Solutions as her wholesale clothing distributor if she likes.

Perhaps you should consider such great service too. Feel free to approach such companies in the future.

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Brian said...

I think outsourcing fulfillment makes a lot of sense for home based businesses. Let someone else handle the activities that require a great deal of capital, so you can focus your efforts on marketing and sales. My company, SBC Fulfillment, at www.sbcfulfillment.com provides these services to small and start up businesses. We are a small business who loves to work with entrepreneurs and serve their needs. Check out our website and my blog. Ourgoal is to fulfill the needs of entrepreneurs.

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