Mortgage Calculator: Taking advantage of misspelled keywords and phrases

Home based business entrepreneurs and online money makers working from home who are looking for a convenient online mortgage calculator (mortgage calclater) should find this post very interesting indeed.

Some of you folks out there may have found a few but today let me introduce to you folks another one. This particular online mortgage calculator is brought to you courtesy of MortageCalculatorsAndRates Dot Com. MortageCalculatorsAndRates Dot Com has all the tools you need to help you in your purchasing and refinancing decision makings.

One interesting feature about MortageCalculatorsAndRates Dot Com is that they have done their homework on their niche. Apparently they have conducted a little study and found that many people actually keyed in wrong phrases or keywords on search engines when they were looking for an online mortgage calculator. MortageCalculatorsAndRates Dot Com has discovered that some people keyed in ‘morgage calculator’ or ‘mortgage calclater’.

MortageCalculatorsAndRates Dot Com took advantage of such misspelled keywords to the fullest and now no matter what people keyed in on search engines, their search results would have MortageCalculatorsAndRates Dot Com somewhere in the list. This is a fine example of a good SEO practice and I hope you folks out there would learn something from reading this post today. :-)
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Lucian said...

The best mortgage calculator is at , you will be prompted to enter the value of the home, the duration of the loan ( in years ), the percentage down, and annual interest rate, also, you will get information about average annual interest rates in united states, and you will get monthly mortgage payment, private mortgage insurance ( if you put less than 20% down ), and property taxes. Also, you will get detailed report on amortization for each year of the mortgage. .

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