Best performing tools for Amazon Dot Com Associates or Affiliates?

Let’s not talk too much about Amazon, shall we. Everybody knows what Amazon does and if you for some reasons didn’t know anything about them, you must have been living on Mars or something. :)

A few of our online friends noticed that we have a lot of Amazon links on our blogs and websites, thus giving them the suspicion that we made a lot of money from them. Well, to tell you the truth, we did pretty okay on Amazon but our real money making machines are actually more on eBay and any other online auction sites. Our online friends have been asking a lot about Amazon’s affiliate marketing program and their top questions are what would be the best performing or money making tools on Amazon. Instead of answering them privately, we have decided to share what we knew with the rest of the world.

We are no experts in the field but we do have years of experience in handling various eStores (Sorry folks, we can’t disclose our eStore links!). Amazon themselves have provided their affiliates with many wonderful tools and we have experimented with every one of them like mad scientists we are. To the best of our knowledge based upon our past sales records, the best performing tools are as follows:


  • This is perhaps the most potent money making tool freely provided by Amazon. We can vouch for these ourselves!
  • You can practically create up to 100 aStore (eStores) per affiliate account and you can pretty much customize them according to your personal liking however you like.
  • Amazon give affiliates the opportunity to either host your aStore on their main website or embed and integrate them into your own. It doesn’t really matter how you want to do it but we do noticed that self integration works best.

Product Links

  • Works best only when you successfully tie in your web page contents and topics with the right product. For an example, during the worldwide scare of the Bird Flu virus a couple of years back, we wrote a few articles on the epidemic and naturally we tied those articles with breathing masks! We made a killing then!

Recommended Product Links

  • The best way of utilizing this is the same as what we have mentioned on Product Links.

Context Links

  • This is a new tool provided by Amazon and still on it’s Beta testing stages. The easiest online money making tool for any webmasters and web publishers. It is something like Google AdSense. You should get the idea.
  • Surprisingly, we have found that this new tool has been making a lot of money for us. Amazon has done well in their automatic contextual linking for this tool and we are hoping that Amazon would soon push this tool out of it’s Beta testing stages for good since it has done exceptionally well!

So, there you are folks. Just remember that these incredible free tools as provided by Amazon would never work on low traffic websites. Tackle your low website traffic woe first and then you may play around with the tools that we have recommended. Good luck!

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