Make money selling expensive watches

Home based business entrepreneurs and online money makers working from who are looking for some new and fresh business ideas should take a look at this excellent business model. This business model that I’m about to share with you folks today is all about expensive watches such as Patek Philippe.

I stumbled upon this great business model earlier today after visiting FeelGoodWatches Dot Com. It does seems as if the people who are running this site are heads over heels over Patek Phillipe watches. They have more of those than any other brands! They do have other well known brands too such as Audemars Piguet, Blancpain, Lange & Sohn, Cartier and even Breitling (I love Breitling!). Yes folks, you can buy Breitling watches from this site at great prices! :-)

Anyhow, let us talk about their business model. Take note that FeelGoodWatches Dot Com made it clear to their customers that their business has no relation with any of the well known watch brand. What they did is hunt for bargains from all over the world, obviously taking advantage of the volatile currency exchange rates to make more money. Who knows, perhaps they did most of their bargain hunting over at eBay. What is smart about their business model is that they are able to save lots of money and pass the savings back to their customers simply because they have no contractual relationship with any watch making and producing company!

Give it a thought, folks. Perhaps you can use their fine business model on some other products. :-)
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