PROGRAM REVIEW – Wang Rakyat (People’s Cash)

This online money making program is currently plying their trade only in Malaysia and claims to champion the plight and cause of the Malaysian people especially those with a household monthly income of Malaysian Ringgit $3,000 and below. As of time of writing, I still can’t quite figure out the actual business operation behind this program. I could not gather any information about their business or marketing plans anywhere on their website. However, the program does sound like an internet MLM (Multi Level Marketing) program when it requires the appointment of resellers and down lines to execute their business plan.

Their products are actually eBooks. They have a total of 18 core eBooks and another 14 are given free for every single purchase. Based from what we can gather from the list provided in their website, their eBooks are mostly how-to’s, tips and pointers on running online businesses, sales letter and email writings, motivational products and online marketing. Frankly speaking, some of their eBooks looks very familiar for they can be downloaded freely from the internet since they have become obsolete and irrelevant in current Web 2.0 online business environment. The whole package costs Malaysian Ringgit $40.00. Whoever is behind this program tried to make this look deliciously cheap by indicating that it is a huge bargain for it was originally priced at Malaysian Ringgit $729.00! Can you believe this? :)

Getting started on their business plan is simple enough. Purchase their eBooks at Malaysian Ringgit $40.00 and you’re good to go. In order to be promoted to the position of Top Reseller, you need to have at least 4 prospects as your down lines. You are only allowed to have 5 prospects as direct down lines though. Their so called (5x5) Forced Matrix system also allows a single Top Reseller to tap into 5 different levels. Now, this is where it gets really interesting. This is no longer any ordinary MLM (Multi Level Marketing) program! This has become more like a Pyramid or Binary schemes where people at the top practically does nothing but let their down lines at each different levels do all the work for them.

Theoretically, this program cannot be defined as a typical direct selling business program if we go by what has been stated and defined in the Malaysian Direct Selling Act 1993 since their businesses and sales are purportedly done entirely online. However, if their resellers and down lines resorts to door-to-door, mail order or making phone calls to secure a sale then they are required by the Malaysian Law to register and apply for the Direct Selling License. Unfortunately, the program’s website does not provide me with any clues whatsoever on their marketing and sales strategies thus making the task of evaluating this mysterious program even more difficult for any curious folks. Are they purposely hiding something here?

Evaluating this program today opens up more questions. There are many discrepancies found today that I do not have any immediate answers and I believe it is best that I share it with everyone here:

  1. Who is running the program? Is it a business entity, an individual or a group of people?

    a. The program’s official website did not indicate this anywhere in the website. Their whole background is pretty mysterious!

  2. Are they running a legitimate business?

    a. As I have said before, their business plan looks and sounds very much like an internet MLM (Multi Level Marketing) program. They may not require a Direct Selling License to operate since they are conducting their business online; it is obvious that they are running a Pyramid or Binary scheme with that 5x5 Forced Matrix system of theirs. Hence, the legitimacy of this scheme should be ascertained further with relevant authorities such as the Malaysian Domestic Trade & Consumer Affairs Ministry.

  3. Is there any growth potential in this program?

    a. I have doubts about the growth potential of this program especially after reading one of the clauses in their Terms & Conditions section. Parties who are interested in buying their product are more or less being forced to accept that they could not submit any form of protests if the management of this program made the decision to close down their website at any time. Everything is at the management’s discretion. Doesn’t that sound funny?

  4. Are there any given guarantees on their product?

    a. None whatsoever. There is no money-back-guarantee given that would let buyers who are not happy with the quality of the eBooks return the package back to the seller. As matter of fact, every potential customer is forced to accept their no-return policy upon making purchases.

Any other reviewers would have given their thumbs-down on this program. I however would rather put a big question mark on this program to round off today’s program review. At first glance, this program is shrouded with questions but we cannot really tell once and for all whether this is a scam or otherwise. If they are really serious about running this program, they should show their seriousness by providing clear answers to the above mentioned questions as soon as possible on their website. One possible explanation for all this unnecessary questions is that whoever is running the show does not have any experience nor exposure on running a well organized business online. Worst of all, they might be up to something no good. Your guess is as good as mine. This program could either be genuine or a just another one of those scams.

Malaysians who are interested in joining this program are strongly advised to seek as much intelligent information about the program and the people behind them before committing!

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