Google AdSense – Getting more clicks & generating higher revenue Part I

All right folks… I have been experimenting with Google AdSense for months now and found something quiet interesting and I just have to share it with you folks out there. I have discovered that by just doing this little exercise, you can actually improve your Google AdSense click rates and generate more money from your Google AdSense ads!

Okay now, do you know that you can achieve what I had mentioned earlier simply by placing more Google AdSense ads?

Surprisingly, not many AdSense publishers realize this at all. Based from my own experience, this could be due to the fact that AdSense publishers have problems with placing more Google AdSense ads on their sites or blogs simply because they view Google AdSense ads as plain ads. When you think of it that way, you are bound to put fewer ads on your sites or blogs giving more emphasis to your other contents and that is totally wrong. You have to consider Google AdSense ads as valued-added ads that add value to your contents and visitors!

Snap out of it, folks! In order to make more money and generate higher click rates from your Google AdSense ads, you have to place more ads (refer to their TOS). As of time of writing, AdSense publishers are allowed to place three ad units, three link units and two search boxes on a single page.

Tell me, how many Google AdSense ads have you placed on your sites and blogs? If it is lesser than what I had mentioned earlier, please place more as that would help you generate higher revenue and more clicks from your Google AdSense ads.
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