My first attempt at making it big on DayTipper!


I have so much time with me nowadays that I took the opportunity to try out DayTipper Dot Com. Yeah… Yeah… It’s the one and the same site where you can make 3 bucks for each original tip submitted to DayTipper. 3 bucks may not sound much to Americans and Europeans but for Malaysians like me, it’s pretty big. :-)

Last Thursday, I gave DayTipper my first shot. I submitted six nifty little tips and today I had received words about them. Out of six, four were rejected (probably because someone has all ready submitted similar tips in the past) and one was accepted! Not bad, eh… At least I can be assured that I would have an extra 3 bucks in my PayPal account in the next few days or perhaps weeks. I’m still waiting for my last submission though. I hope that it would get accepted! :-)

Anyhow, DayTipper’s concept is pretty neat and can help people like me make some decent money off it. One thing though, DayTipper did not have any tools that would let tippers find out whether or not tips that they are about to submit are all ready there in the system. It would be of tremendous help if we can eliminate possible duplicates upfront! This is something that DayTipper must strive to provide for their tippers in the future.

Well… I had fun, I suppose over at DayTipper. I would try my luck once again tomorrow and maybe I would do that regularly. :-) Give it a shot, folks.
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Anonymous said...

Not anymore as they only pay out cash prizes at the end of the month. No more $1 per published tip. Sucks.

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