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I’m very fond of WidgetBucks for it has made more money for me in the last few months than any of my other PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns. I’m so happy with it and today I will share with you folks my little secret success formula on WidgetBucks. I have been using this little formula of mine for months now and I’m steadily making more than $150 per month on low traffic blogs! Feel free to use it, folks.

  • Do not use their MerchSense technology. You might end up with low-paying ads.
  • Manually choose high-paying ads or categories. To the best of my knowledge, top high-paying ads or categories are flat TV panels, laptops, camcorders, PDAs and digital cameras.
  • Rotate or swap your ads or categories every two days. Let’s say that you should go for flat TV panels on every Mondays and Tuesdays and change it to laptops on the next Wednesdays and Thursdays. By doing so, you are making sure that your regular site visitors are seeing fresh ads every two days.
  • Give your site visitors the impression that your WidgetBucks ads are not advertisements, give them the impression that your ads are rave reviews. You can easily do this by giving your WidgetBucks ads fancy names such as ‘Hot Reviews’ and so forth.
  • The best performing ads placements are Wide Skyscraper, Skyscraper, Full Banner and Blog Sidebar.
  • Do not put too many WidgetBucks ads in a single page. A single ad is more than enough and having more just might crash your page if your site visitor is viewing it on some old machine. You will gain nothing when that happens.

Good luck, folks!

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Anonymous said...

congrat! this blog not have info about money, but also have info about hosting and many more. interesting blog. hope u can teach me :)

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