Jason Tan's Only In Malaysia Mah! Affiliate Program is not a scam!

A lot of people have labeled Jason Tan’s Only In Malaysia Mah! affiliate program as some sort of a scam or fraud. In the past postings, I have practically put my whole reputation on the line by saying otherwise. I followed my gut feeling and today I am glad to announce that my hunch was correct!

I did not really do much promotion on Jason Tan’s affiliate program. I just write an article on it, post it and leave it all to fate basically. On the 3rd of July 2007, I finally landed my first sale! I’m not exactly overjoyed just yet then for making a sale and actually receiving the commission are two different things all together. On the 8th of July 2007, my share of the sale has been deposited safely into my savings account and that event assured me that what I have gotten myself into is a real deal.

So today, I only have this to say to my fellow readers and Jason Tan’s skeptics out there. Jason Tan’s affiliate program is neither a scam nor a fraud! It is a real money making opportunity. So give Jason Tan a break. He’s running a genuine and honest online business and Malaysians in particular should support him instead of labeling him as an internet fraudster.

Edited on the 11th of June 2008:

Please ignore this post. There were too many complaints made against OnlyInMalaysiaMah Dot Com and Malaysians should be more careful with Jason Tan's products.

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Anonymous said...

Have you read the E-Book from Jason Tan?

I am wondering,
Since he is earning so much,
then why don't he just
share his secred but not selling
the secret?

Unknown said...

Jason Tan is totally a fraud, I myself is one of the victims.

Everything is basic and u can easily found through internet FOR FREE.

Plus, Every "GOOD COMMENT" from lots of blogger is created by himself.


Check this out:

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