2 reasons why you should stay away from OnlyInMalaysiaMah & AdSenseTaiko Dot Coms

  1. A lot of people who had bought products from OnlyInMalaysiaMah and AdSenseTaiko Dot Coms were not happy with their purchases. They found that they have bought crappy products that don’t really help them at all.
  2. When unsatisfied customers of OnlyInMalaysiaMah and AdSenseTaiko Dot Coms tried to get their money back, the people behind OnlyInMalaysiaMah and AdSenseTaiko Dot Com gave them a lot of excuses and refuse to return their money. Take note that these sorts of nonsense happen even though products offered by AdSenseTaiko Dot Com come with a 60-day money back guarantee!

Such conclusions as mentioned above were made after reading feedbacks made by bloggers and comments left by their visitors.

As an affiliate marketer, I do feel a bit guilty since I did promote Jason Tan’s (the person said to behind OnlyInMalaysiaMah & AdSenseTaiko Dot Coms) products in the past. I did made a few referrals but I’m not quite sure whether or not my referrals were happy with what they have bought.

Since there were too many complaints made against OnlyInMalaysiaMah and AdSenseTaiko Dot Coms, as of today, I will no longer promote Jason Tan’s products on my web sites, online stores and blogs.

Take note that Jason Tan’s number one online advertising campaign is through Google AdWords. His ads would normally appear as Google AdSense ads on web sites and blogs like mine here. It is just a suggestion but Malaysian Google AdSense publishers may block Jason Tan’s ads from appearing on their web sites or blogs by adding his many domains in their Competitive Ad Filter. Blocking Jason Tan’s ads will make sure that other Malaysians won’t waste their hard earned money on buying crappy products from him.

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