How to come up with a good business plan!

All right, I’m tired of feeding you guys out there with online money making opportunities today. Instead, I’m going to kick off my first How-To segment on this blog. This How-To segment would be published maybe once in every week and would feature valuable tips and pointers given by true experts in the field of business.

Even though I’m an experienced seller on eBay, I never for once consider myself as an expert and you can bet that I would never proclaim myself as one anywhere in the future. Everyone is a learner and we learn new things from time to time. I prefer to stay humble, self proclaiming yourself as experts like what most other people are doing in the internet nowadays is absolutely ridiculous. The internet world has seen too many self proclaimed SEO experts, Clickbank experts, AdSense experts and so forth. What the hell… Frankly speaking, I’m tired of them.

All right, today’s first How-To segment is about writing up a good business plan. A lot of self-proclaimed Internet Marketing experts today gave the impression that setting up a business online is easy and requires little work. This is an absolute nonsense! It might be easier than setting up a physical business but that does not mean that you should neglect the basics. Every type of business no matter how big or small they may be must be planned properly. Never ever jump into the online business band wagon without one!

I have sought far and wide for a good reference material on this and luckily I found one. It is in a video produced by VideoJug and I hope that it would help aspiring online entrepreneurs in writing up proper business plans in the future. Good luck and all the best!

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