PROGRAM REVIEW – Chris’s Black Mask AdSense (Project Black Mask)

Yes, that’s right folks. Chris has come up with new online money making secret formula. His last two products, Affiliate Project X and Day Job Killer were well received by many internet marketers and online money makers. A lot of people have been talking a lot about his new Black Mask AdSense money making project and I must say that I’m sick and tired of receiving their promotion emails in my inbox.

As always, Chris has written a very powerful sales pitching landing page on his ProjectBlackMask Dot Com mini site. Newcomers in the field of internet marketing and online money making would have been blown to bits just by reading his all-too-perfect sales pitch. Good job you did there, Chris! :)

I’m not going to spend too much time writing this review on Chris’s Black Mask AdSense secret formula for I have seen and heard this kind of online money making products far too often all ready. I’m beginning to get really bored actually. Chris’s Black Mask AdSense secret formula sounds like any other black hat SEO related products that sensationally claimed to have stumbled upon loopholes in search engines and web directories that we could manipulate and make money out of them. On this case, the loophole is supposedly on Google.

Well, Chris claims that his secret formula does not require anyone selling any self made products. His secret formula supposedly exploits a major loophole in Google that would enable you to drive loads of free traffic anytime you like and monetize them through Google AdSense or affiliate marketing. Chris also claims that you can do all that without spending a dime on PPC (Pay-per-Click) advertising, Google AdWords or SEO optimization tools.

Chris did provide us with a brief history of this new online money making secret formula and it turns out that he got hold of it from a former employee of Google and that fellow has worked 3 ½ years for them. His name was not mentioned but Chris referred to him simply as The Insider. I don’t know about Chris but I do question the motive behind The Insider’s decision to share his secret money making formula with Chris in the first place. If you have in your possession a secret knowledge that would enable you to make loads of easy money online, would you ever share it with anybody? This whole thing sounds fishy to me! :(

There must be a reason why The Insider is willing to reveal his secrets to total strangers like us. My hypothesis is that Google is breathing down his neck somehow and The Insider is hoping to cover his unique black hat tracks by sharing his secret formula with the whole world. By doing so, his unique black hat patterns would no longer be unique for he has thousands of other black hatters using his very own secret formula online. Google is a multi billion dollar company and like any other blue chip companies, they would require their employees to sign some sort of secrecy pledges or agreements. This secrecy pledges or agreements would haunt employees forever in their lives even when they are no longer working with the company. Suffice to say that The Insider has made a big mistake by secretly utilizing his in-depth knowledge of Google’s system and operation for his personal monetary gain. He has now made a bigger foolish mistake by sharing that knowledge with the whole world! My Goodness, he’s really looking for trouble now.

All right, enough of my hypothesis. If you are interested in knowing what this whole thing is all about, get ready to fork out US$97.00. Take note that this initial introductory price would not last forever. His Black Mask AdSense secret formula is currently on sale via Clickbank and comes with a money back guarantee. So, feel free to quench your curiosity by purchasing his secret formula today if you like. If you are not happy with it, you can always return it within the given 56 days (8 weeks).

Overall, I’m giving Chris’s Black Mask AdSense secret formula a big thumbs-down. Many of you would be surprised by that but listen to what I got to say first. In the past few years, there have been many black hat products claiming to have found loopholes within search engines such as ExactSeek, AllTheWeb, Yahoo! and Google that you can somehow tap and make some profit. Such black hatting techniques are only good for couple of months at best before search engines find out about them and plug the loopholes for good. This is not a good online money making opportunity. It is not something that you can rely upon for many years to come, folks. For those who loves hacking and cracking, go ahead. As for me, I would rather spend my hard earned money on good white hat SEO tools such as Axandra’s IBP or ARELIS to get loads of free traffic. :)

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