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Oh brother! My colleague just bought and downloaded Michael Cheney’s videos on AdSense last week and he has no means whatsoever to make full use of it! Why, the reason is simple but I believe many of you out there never really quite understand it. It doesn’t matter what ways you are doing at the moment to generate some sort of income online, the most important success factor is traffic! Lots of traffic. You may have the best affiliate programs from eBay, Amazon or ClickBank packed into your websites but those would be meaningless if you do not have lots of unique traffic coming over.

Most of AdSense publishers agreed that you need at least a minimum of 3,000 unique hits or visits on daily basis to really make money online. It doesn’t matter whether you are relying upon AdSense, selling affiliate programs or any other products and services. Traffics are potential customers and where there is no traffic, there would be no sales. Plain and simple but still people took this for granted. Why should one spent hundreds of dollars on buying tips to make things work when the most important factor of achieving that very success in the first place is not yet on target?

If you are on the verge of ordering any types of tips and pointers from experts and gurus, please heed my advice beforehand. You may only proceed with the intended purchase if you are very sure that your websites are generating enough traffic as I have recommended above. If not, then don’t wastes your money just yet because you would end up feeling disappointed or worst cheated. Then you would start telling all your friends that such things are nonsense and could not be achieved by anybody thus giving false impression to everybody. Wouldn’t that be a shame when everybody else that has that important traffic factor working for them are making loads of money instead?

So, where do we go from here then? Simple. Get another hard look at your website traffic statistics and figure out a way to improve first and foremost. For the benefit of everyone, I have decided to share with you guys one great eBook full of tips and pointers to do just that. Feel free to download it from the link provided here. No catch whatsoever, I’m giving it away for nothing so that you could later go back and tweak your websites further to generate that illusive traffic. You should be successful in time and when you do, emulate what I have done here today. Let people know of the actual truth. Don’t let them take traffic for granted.

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