SquirrelFish Extreme: Faster than SquirrelFish, Google Chrome & Firefox 3.1?

Oh boy! It looks like we’re going to have another round of the endless ‘Battle of the Browsers’ yet again. We have seen Google Chrome, Mozilla with their upcoming Firefox 3.1 and now those WebKit Open Source developers have come up with SquirrelFish Extreme (Safari’s latest JavaScript interpreter)!

Last three months, the very same team introduced SquirrelFish (major JavaScript engine upgrades). Earlier today, they introduced SquirrelFish Extreme, touted to be faster than Google Chrome (V8), Firefox 3.1 (TraceMonkey) and 1st-generation SquirrelFish!


Wake up, you crazy nerds out there!

Speed is not everything and we are not suckers for browsing speed. We want functionality! We want tools that make our lives easier on the Net! Give us a super smart browser! That’s what we really want from you!

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Anonymous said...

And yet, not one person in the geek industry is interested about what is probably the best browser out there - Opera. You call yourself geeks? Shame on you.

I've the numbers that Opera is better than Chrome and FF (Haven't tested Safari yet). And everyone buzzes about Chrome.


ps: what is a supersmart browser? We can create one right now. It'll just take about 20GB (and growing) of hard drive space. And thats for the language recognition db alone. Plus you probably got to have a brand new file system to cope with the load of index for the AI. In short, don't ask for too much. :D

Anonymous said...

Google Chrome is good for me already since I'm not a power user of internet browsing ^^. If SquirrelFish Extreme review came out with good impression, I'll definitely give it a try.

Unknown said...

Dear Chewxy,

I'm not a tech geek. :-)

So, you said that you can give us a super smart browser. That's great but please don't give us any more tech excuses like what tech geeks like you are fond of giving.

Just give us your super smart browser and let everyone use it. That's what we all really wanted anyway. Unlike tech geeks, we are not heads over heels over super fast browser.

Anonymous said...

@chewxy... Supersmart browser actually means... socialized.. such as flickr integration, write to your blog, bookmarks with del.icio.us.. integrated media player.. gmail notifications, development tools such as FireBug.. Web Developer Tools.. twitter updates.. these are very few to tell.. well firefox doesn't require 20gb to do all that.. Opera is still not good enough to beat ff or chrome... chrome is too much simple.. and there is no options for adding extensions made it really unhealthy.. even though the rendering is surprisingly fast.. ;) still any serious web developer or web enthusiast will use FF on a daily basis to get their works done..

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