Google Chrome: Behind the Open Source Browser Project

Blogoscoped received something really weird from Google earlier today, a comic book drawn by Scott McCloud describing Google Chrome, their Open Source Browser Project!

Interesting facts about Google Chrome
  • It will be based on Webkit (rendering engine) and might include Google Gears.
  • It might include a brand new JavaScript Virtual Machine (code named V8?)
  • It will have tabs that are slightly different than Firefox’s.
  • Supports multi-process, meaning it can run multiple processes at once.
  • Just like Firefox 3, Google Chrome browser will also have auto-completion features (Omnibox?)
  • Its default home page will look something like the one on Opera (thumbnails of your most visited pages)
  • IE8 has InPrivate, a feature that can protect your privacies whenever you use public computers. Google Chrome has a similar feature too.
  • Google Chrome will automatically updates itself with the latest lists of harmful sites. One list is dedicated to track phishing and the other list is for malware tracking. Such lists will be used to warn users about nasty sites that they are about to visit.

Wow! Make it a big Wow! That was great! Can’t wait to try out Google Chrome!

I certainly hope that Google Chrome can give us faster browsing speed than Firefox 3 and Opera!

Edited on September 2nd 2008 6:10 AM:

Google will release Google Chrome Beta for Windows tomorrow!

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