HomeBiss makes it to Alltop’s Most Popular Stories! 3 Important Lessons that you can learn from this shameless, blasphemous self-promotion!

Alltop.com is a highly respected news aggregator in the World Wide Web. The site is also considered as the site with significant authority to the eyes of search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Google for an example gives Alltop a cool PageRank 7 and that speaks a lot about Alltop’s authority!

Gaining inclusion in Alltop’s respectable list of websites and blogs is no easy task! I should know because it took me months to convince Alltop that the HomeBiss blog is good enough for an inclusion. Gaining inclusion is one thing, maintaining the inclusion is another and it is even tougher! Alltop.com is very strict! If you failed to maintain the quality of your content, you just might find yourself kicked out of the list and have to start all over again!

Yesterday however was a sweet day for me. It was the day when I realized that one of my blog posts has made it to Alltop’s Most Popular Stories in Tech category! [The post was about placing Twitter Tweet button to each and every comment.]

Tada! :)

Despite this selfish self-promotion, there are some useful lessons that you can learn here and I’m going list them down, one by one.

Write quality content and it doesn’t have to be unique

Do you know what the problem is with most bloggers?

Most of them waste their time in researching for something unique to blog about. They spent hours researching and researching but the fact is they can easily use those wasted hours to write stuffs that are so much more easier to understand because it is right there in front of them all the time. If you are that kind of blogger, I urge you to open up your eyes and look at what those probloggers are doing today. They do not actually write unique content everyday! They actually write the same thing over and over again but with different perspective and approach each time.

You should do the same thing too. Stop wasting too much time on research. For crying out loud, you’re a blogger, not a niche marketer.

Take a look at my post that made it to Alltop’s Most Popular Stories for an example. Do you see something unique there?

No! The post is about those Twitter Tweet buttons and there are practically thousands other blog posts that are talking about similar buttons in the World Wide Web!

Do you see the point now?

Don’t be afraid to share your ideas, no matter how ridiculous it might sound

I’m sure that there were times when bloggers suddenly had that eureka moments but too afraid to share the ideas with the world simply because of their natural fears of rejection. They thought people would laugh and reject their ideas outright!

Too bad! They should have shared their ideas with the rest of the world! Who knows? It could be helpful for the whole humanity!

When I was about to publish my blog post (the one that made it to Alltop’s Most Popular Stories), I honestly heard some nasty whispers in my mind, telling me to abandon the whole idea because nobody has ever placed Twitter Tweet buttons in comments before. It took me a while to fight those inner demons before hitting the ‘Publish’ button and today I’m very glad that I did! :)

I just had my glorious eureka moment a few days ago but I didn’t let my negative thoughts ruin everything. I’m sure you will have your own eureka moments one day and when that day arrives, don’t let your fears ruin everything. If the idea is useful, don’t look back! Just share it with the world and hope for the best! :)

Write more helpful content and lesser commentaries

Most bloggers (including yours truly, one time ago) are spontaneous writers. They couldn’t help blogging about their likes, dislikes, fears and concerns about something. If something pisses off these kinds of bloggers, they would come up with their guns blazing and blog about their anger and frustrations. If something gets the attention of these kinds of bloggers, they would all get together and say some nice oohhs and aahhs on their blogs. ;)

We have seen such bloggers many times but the honest truth is we seldom follow such bloggers. We might go and read their blog posts when they’re still hot off the press but that’s it. The moment it gets cold, we’re gone!

Tell me honestly. Do you really want that kind of visitors on your blog?

If you want to see more frequent visitors, if you want to have more subscribers, you have no choice but to write more helpful content because helpful content is like a virus. It will spread and bring even more new visitors!

I know. It is indeed easier said than done! But if you are willing to spend more time writing helpful content on your blog, I strongly encourage you to read this excellent post written by Karol K of Online Business Design blog. At the end of the day, you should have some ideas of the helpful content that you should write more in the near future.

Good luck and thank you for reading! :)

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Admin said...

This post very honesty.and this post 3 lesson and most popular stories. thanks for information me

Deepak Perwani collection said...

Amazing post and very interesting stuff you got here! I definitely learned a lot from reading through some of your earlier topics as well and decided to drop a comment on this one!

Anonymous said...

Deepak Perwani collection,

Thank you and don't forget to subscribe. :)

LaptopHQ said...

After my blog finally made it into alltop, I went all excited but soon realized I'm getting next to no traffic from there since my site is placed near the bottom of a page and nobody bothers to read that far. :)

Anyway, how would you evaluate the final results after your story was chosen most popular. How many visitors / new subscribers did it yield you?

Anonymous said...


Good question. The answer is sudden huge waves of incoming traffic for a few days and a few new subscribers.

If you can produce top stories every time, getting loads of traffic and new subscribers are indeed possible.

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