Facebook Marketing explained in simple terms, in one blog post!

I had a chat with somebody who voiced his interest in marketing some stuffs on Facebook yesterday and our discussion more or less left me wondering about the marketing techniques marketers are currently using on the world’s biggest social network.

Honestly speaking, I simply have no idea since I have never done it before. I can talk about marketing, selling stuffs on eStores, I can talk about promoting affiliate products on niche sites, I can even talk about writing Google AdWords ads that sell but selling stuffs on Facebook is a complete unknown.

But not after I stumble upon this excellent blog post, written by Reviewguide. I don’t know about you but for somebody that already has some experience in internet marketing, Reviewguide’s blog post is more than enough to help me understand how marketing works in and around Facebook.

Facebook Marketing

How do people advertise and market stuffs on Facebook?

We would never know for sure since everybody has their own advertising and marketing strategies. However, Reviewguide could give us some ideas. Take a look at Reviewguide’s 6 Facebook Advertising and Marketing Methodologies:

  1. Status Update Marketing
  2. Photo Tagging
  3. Facebook Profile Picture Marketing
  4. Facebook Fan Page Marketing
  5. Facebook Group Marketing
  6. Events Marketing

Do you see what I see? Yes, we have seen people doing it all the time on Facebook. Hell! Some of our friends have been doing it right under our very noses. All the while I thought that they were fooling around, wasting their time. Perhaps most of them were but a few have done all those things for one particular reason and that is to market something. But hey, why does it look like spam to me?

I only had to read one blog post to see how marketing works in Facebook since I already have some experience in online marketing. Others on the other hand may have to buy books or attend classes to understand Facebook marketing but I hope Reviewguide’s blog post will give you a good head start.
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