, and 18 other sites are content farms! Oh my Google Panda!

I was studying the peculiar mating habits of the illusive Google pandas when I stumbled upon something rather shocking, it seems that sites such, and 18 others have been defined as content farms!

Take a look at this press release, released by Blekko on February 1st 2011. Blekko’s press release specifically mentioned 20 sites that have been banned from their search engine because their users have identified them as content farms. Rich Skrenta, the CEO of Blekko said;
“These sites are the worst spam publishers on the Web according to our users.”

“They are literally responsible for millions of pages on the Web that our users say are just not helpful and they’d prefer they were banned permanently. So we’re going to do that for them.”

News contained in Blekko’s press release even had a brief mention at and those SEO folks more or less confirmed the banning of those 20 sites mentioned in the press release.

The banning of and from Blekko’s search engine index worries me a lot. This is because I’m using both sites to do a few things for my blogs. I rely upon to spread my content to social networks such as Facebook and I rely upon to protect my content from plagiarism and content theft.

The big question is; what if Google Panda also identifies and as content farms? If it does, then it could explain why many bloggers have lost huge amount of organic traffic from Google in the last few months. Most of them are also using and!

Panda Sex 'Tard

I have no choice but to disassociate my blogs from those two sites and I advise bloggers out there to do the same thing if you’re also using those two sites for the same purposes mentioned earlier.

Via Business Wire and Search Engine Land
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