First Online Electronic Fence Planner launched for farmers and ranchers!

Woodstream Corporation is a global manufacturer of animal control products and today they have launched Fence Planner, a web-based application to help farmers and ranchers design electric fences and perimeters. What else can it do? Read on for more.

First Online Electronic Fence Planner launched for farmers and ranchers!

Fence Planner is actually powered by Google Maps and Woodstream truly believes that they are the first in the industry to provide such a technology. According to Woodstream, Fence Planner allows users (don’t have to be farmers and ranchers) to create, design highly accurate electric fencing system without having the need to go outdoors and make some on-site measurements.

Zareba - Fence Planner

Fence Planner requires a few inputs from the user before it can create the final fencing system. Users must first specify the perimeter, the type of terrain and the desired type of fencing. Now this is where it gets really interesting. Woodstream’s Andrea Itnyre said that Fence Planner users have the option of ordering the fences and their components that they have finalized online. Users can also print out the finalized list of materials and bring it straight to the local fence suppliers.

The wonderful news is that Fence Planner is a free web-based application and it only takes a few minutes to use. For more information, feel free to contact Andrea Itnyre at

Note: Image courtesy of The Simon Group.
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