HomeBiss finally hits 3,000+ RSS Feed Subscribers! :)

This is just a quick post to mark the success of the HomeBiss blog in hitting the 3,000 subscribers mark. It is a remarkable feat if you consider the fact that the blogger behind this blog blogs casually, just for the sake of having fun. When did he hit the 3K subscribers mark? How did he do it? Read on for more.

HomeBiss finally hits 3,000+ RSS Feed Subscribers! :)

When did HomeBis hit the 3,000 subscribers mark?

It was yesterday, on January 6th 2010. An excellent start to the New Year! :)

HomeBiss finally hits 3,000+ RSS Feed Subscribers! :)

How did HomeBiss do it?

I really have no idea! Seriously!

All I know is that I blog on regular basis, almost on daily basis most of the time. I deliver breaking news, press releases and of course my personal comments and opinions about whatever that I have stumbled upon in the World Wide Web. In the past few months, I have been covering news on technology and gadgets simply because I’m passionate about such topics. I guess that’s the main ingredient for my small success! Without passion, I don’t think you will get anywhere. Trust me! :)

I’m not yet ready to share my blogging experience with everybody (since I’m a full time affiliate marketer and I hardly have the time to do anything else) but I will do that one day. I already have a few people asking me to teach them a thing or two about blogging, I can’t help them right now but I will try to help everybody one day. That’s a promise, so please hang in there! :)
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