Motorola discovers that Americans of all ages want to embrace Social Media and they’re all nuts about mobile devices

Here’s something interesting that I have discovered from the latest Motorola’s press release. Based upon a 15-minute telephone survey that Motorola has conducted back in August and September 2009, Motorola has discovered that more and more Americans of all ages want to embrace Social Media and they all need handy mobile devices to help them do so! Read on for more.

Motorola discovers that Americans of all ages want to embrace Social Media and they’re all nuts about mobile devices

You have seen the above video and now let’s take a look at some of the key points that Motorola has discovered from their telephone survey (Motorola's 2009 Media Engagement Barometer):

1. The need for connectivity

7 in 10 Americans wanted to be connected and accessible to others. Not surprisingly, American Millennials (Generation Y) wanted this more than Gen Xers and Boomers but here’s the big surprise; it seems that those American Boomers wanted online accessibility and connectivity more than Gen Xers!?

This explains why Americans go gaga over mobile devices such as the iPhone and right now they’re all nuts about those Android-powered smartphones!

2. The need for content accessibility, anytime and anywhere

70% of Americans are delighted that they can share and access content anytime, anywhere while 66% of them expect content to be accessible no matter where they are.

3. The need for customization

71% of American Millennials wanted customizable apps for their TV sets, more than Gen Xers and Boomers. Err… Does this mean that American Millennials are couch potatoes?

4. The need to commune overweighs the need for peership

4 out of 10 American Boomers and Gen Xers reach out to their friends, colleagues and significant others/partners for advice. American men are more likely than women to be influenced by their friends and colleagues while American women in general are influenced by their significant others/partners.

Motorola is right to say that it is all about ‘community’ now!


As an affiliate marketer, I can see that there is an opportunity ripe for the taking here. Based from the above stats, it is safe to say that Americans are spending more time online (read Social Media) than ever before. To those that have been doing Social Media Marketing, don’t stop. Just continue with whatever you’re doing right now! ;)

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